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You may be able to submit the bills through the NH to Medicaid and get money back. However, since the NH has been paid, they may be less than helpful ... See Robert's Answer:
Medicaid and Medicare | Breinigsville, PA
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No, not if you clearly sign your name and show it as under the POA. You need to scrutinize every one of her bills/debts to make certain there are leg ... See David's Answer:
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This is a common experience with Septuagenarians. Remain patient and empathetic as yelling and screaming is not something that a demented person can ... See David's Answer:
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Thank you very much for your question. The answer depends both on the wording of the Powers of Attorney you have, and the types of authority you want ... See Emil's Answer:
Power of Attorney | Garner, NC
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Medicaid is based on your parents income and financial resources. ... See Kendra's Answer:
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What would a caregiver have charged? Caregivers don't pay rent or for food - that is included in their wage, but a caregiver 24/7 is paid between $15 ... See Ruth's Answer:
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