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What is an Geriatric Care Manager

      A geriatric care manager (GCM) is a trained and knowledgeable expert who specializes in helping seniors and their families plan and manage the aging process. A geriatric care manager can lead a team of elder care professionals (attorneys, geriatricians, nurses, home health care workers, etc.) in assessing the needs of a senior. A care manager can create and supervise a comprehensive care plan that can both improve the quality of life for the senior and the caregiving experience for the family member or loved one.

      In addition, the care managers at can help families and caregivers with:

  1. Conduct care planning assessments identifying issues, various services that are needed, and any possibile eligibility for assistance;
  2. Hire and manage home-health care aides or other service providers;
  3. Liase between various family members and eldercare professionals, particularly, when a family member is caring from a distance;
  4. Assist with discharge planning from a hospital or residential facility
  5. Provide counseling, support, and crisis management for family caregivers to the elderly
  6. Educate and advocate families with people who may have Alzheimer's or memory loss problems who are often resistant to care