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Protected with CareCall™

Secure and Professional Care Consultations by Phone uses the proprietary CareCall™ system to protect your identity and cut down on unwanted calls.

How it Works

  1. Enter your real phone number when you create a profile.
  2. Confirm your telephone number with the 'Test Call' button on your profile. (Optional but recommended.)
  3. Caregivers can click a button to connect a call to their telephones. Your number will not be visible.
  4. Dialling you this way will ring your phone directly.
  5. If you are unavailable, callers can a leave a message that you can retrieve by logging into your account.

Premium Options Available for our Expert Members

How it Works (for Caregivers)

  1. Enter your phone number in the box above.
  2. When you click "Call", we will instantly call this professional.
  3. If they are available, you will immediately receive a call back at your number.
  4.   All 10-minute calls are completely free.