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Moms Car Keys?

My mother recently had trouble getting out of a parking space. She had even told me that she had hit a wall or two parking. When do I begin discussing, with her, taking away her car keys? Are there any objective measures for when my mom should stop driving?


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Answer from: Paul R., Geriatrician MD

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I think that the first thing that you should do is to ascertain is whether your Mom is physically able to drive. By physically, I mean to evaluate if she is in any way visually impaired. I am an Opthalmologist and I would suggest that you consult a local Ophthalmologist. If you would like a referral please message me at the site. At her age, there is the possiblity that she could have numerous eye diseases, such as macular degeneration or a cataract. Taking care of these problems could greatly improve her qualityof life. In addition, a chat with her personal physician could disclose cognitive or neurological deficits.