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Guardian Responsibilities for non Family Member?

I have been asked to take on guardianship and conservatorship for an adult who is in the early stages of dementia. What are the legal and non-legal responsibilities of being a guardian for adult male who is not a relative? What consequences pertain to becoming a guardian or conservator?


Professional Answers

Answer from: Joel G., Geriatric Care Manager

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It would be best to consult an attorney. There are definitely legal responsibilities that the court will define. However, there are moral and ethical considerations that have to be taken into account as well: what are the person's stated or implied wishes for medical care? Are there any Advanced Directives? What financial responsibility will you have? Is there compensation for your work? How is that recorded.

Bottom line: enter this relationship with good counsel. There are many qualified eldercare attornys in the area.


Answer from: Alan M., Geriatric Care Manager

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Contact your local probate court. Most courts have pamphlets explaining the duties. You can call Monica Moons 248-489-8600 Probate attn. in Farmington, Michigan