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Bereavement counseling, Family Counseling, Power of attorney, Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), Trusts and Estates,
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Recent advice by Jordan Rosenberg
Subsidized Housing my 88 year old mom needs subsidized housing and lives on about 12 to $13,000 a year. She lives in Oregon, is on Social Security. I need to find out if there are other financial assistance programs to take her out of the poverty level.
Jordan R.'s Expert Answer:     In addition to the resources suggested by Ms. Fodrini-Johnson, I would add that you can search for, call, and consult (even for period's of time, like an hour) with a Geriatric Care Manager and other eldercare professionals, using the MyAgingFolks search and call tools
Chase Bank Teller Controlling Elderly Mother My mother, without my knowledge, gave POA, HIPAA, and transmitted a holographic will to her bank teller! This Chase bank teller has known my mother and done my mother's banking for years. She is in some trouble with the bank for her involvement in my mother's affairs.

I only became aware of the nature of her involvement at the point that my Mother was about to be appointed a guardian and the teller notified me. The bank employee claimed that she knew my mom wouldn't want a guardian.

I am not sure that I want to be guardian over my mother but I don't want this bank teller to get guardianship either. I feel she has been dishonest by taking a holographic will from my mom since she was her banker at Chase and she only decided to get in contact with me or my brother when she was being investigated.

Thank u for your help.
Jordan R.'s Expert Answer:     I would add to Angela's sensitive answer, that you can search for elderlaw attorneys, here at on our Search Professionals page.
Can an Elderly Person Fast One Day a Week I am 86 years old and very healthy. I don't take any medicine. Can I fast one day a week?
Jordan R.'s Expert Answer:     This is not a scientific answer, and I would recommend consulting with your physician, but I do know that my grandfather who is 98, does fast 1 day a year on Yom Kippur. Surely, a day a week, is different, but still, thought I would put that out there.
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