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  1. Juris Doctorate
  2. National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
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For over 18 years, Elder Law Attorney Robert M. Slutsky, Esq. has helped clients secure a stable future. Whether you’re a parent looking to secure an inheritance for your children, or a son or daughter looking for guidance in Medicaid planning or estate matters, Robert M. Slutsky Associates can help.
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Assistance Applying for Medicare and Medicaid, Estate planning, Guardianship services, Legal advice for the elderly, Medicaid Planning, Medical Referalls, Power of attorney, Trusts and Estates,
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  • The Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, PA; J.D.
  • LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA; B.S. Finance

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Recent advice by Robert Slutsky
What Paperwork Do I File So My Siblings Can Sign Over Their Share Of A Home What paperwork do I file so my siblings can sign over their share of a home
Robert S.'s Expert Answer:     To transfer ownership in real estate one needs to prepare and execute a new deed to the property. Not knowing anything about the circumstances there may be negative tax or Medicaid consequences that are affected by the transfer.
Can A Power Of Attorney Get Reimbursed For Expense Can a power of attorney be reimbursed for expenses
Robert S.'s Expert Answer:     Yes, in general an agent under a power of attorney can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses paid for the benefit of the principal or one of their dependents.
My Dad Was In A Nursing Home For A Year He Recently Passed Away Upon His Passing He Was Finally Approved For Medicaid Meanwhile, I was paying his pharmaceutical bills from his meds in the nursing home, I was told not to by his attorney, but the company phoned me and more or less said they had to be paid. Am I able to get the money refunded ? ( my mom is still living, but is under Hospice care, she could use this money for her living expenses since my dad is deceased)
Robert S.'s Expert Answer:     You may be able to submit the bills through the NH to Medicaid and get money back. However, since the NH has been paid, they may be less than helpful. If the amount you paid is significant you may want to appeal the decision (if you get nowhere with the NH) before the appeal period expires and see if MA will reimburse you directly. Your attorney should be able to assist with this.
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