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Elder Law Attorney at Elder Law Associates PA edit

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  1. Certified Elder Law Attorney
  2. Juris Doctorate
  3. Council of Advanced Practitioners
  4. National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
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Mr. Krooks, is a partner of Elder Law Associates PA and Of Counsel to Amoruso & Amoruso, LLP in NY. He actively practices in NY and FL.

His practice is devoted to elder law and trusts & estates matters, including representing seniors and persons with special needs and their families in connection with asset preservation planning, supplemental needs trusts, Medicaid, Medicare, planning for disability, guardianship, wills, trusts & health care planning with advance directives.

He is currently President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. He is Past Chair of the Elder Law Sec. of the NYSBA. He was selected as both FL and NY Super Lawyer ’07-‘12, a Top 25 Westchester County Attorney (NY Times- 9/12), and is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbel.

He received the ‘06 Outstanding Achievement Award from NAELA NY and nationally recognized as Co-Chair of the NYSBA Elder Law Sec. Compact Working Group.
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Acting power of attorney, Advanced Directives, Assistance Applying for Medicare and Medicaid, Living wills, Medicaid Planning, Health Care Directives, Health Care Proxies, Legal advice for the elderly, Trusts and Estates, VA Aid and Attendance Planning, Senior or home health care aide abuse, Estate planning, Guardianship services, Assistance with assisted living, Assistance with nursing home payment, Elder abuse litigation, Eligibility Assistance for Medicare and Medicaid, Medical Referalls, Power of attorney, Insurance and benefits review, Assistance with hospice placement,
Education edit
  • J.D., University Of Pennsylvania Law School
  • B.S., University of Albany

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Recent advice by Howard Krooks
State Help in FL for Moms Care my 91 year old mother is on Humana Gold Plus and Medicare She gets $1300 a month SS. $330 a month goes to medicine anither $400 for an apt she rents. and rest to utilities, TV and some food. She can no longer care for herself. She will have to come live with me. Is there any state help I can get to help me with care while I work? I'm her daughter and am 61. I live off my paycheck week to week.
Howard K.'s Expert Answer:     If your mother qualifies for Medicaid (less than $2,000 in assets), there may be some assistance in the form of an aide paid for by Medicaid. This program, which covers limited number of hours of home care services, may provide you with the assistance you are looking for. However, you must be aware that there are limits to how many hours per day and days per week that Medicaid will cover, and in many cases it is limited to 5 days per week and 2-4 hours per day. There are ways to plan for eligibility for this program even if one's assets exceed $2,000. Please call my assistant, Karen Bringhurst, if you have further questions. Karen can be reached at (561) 750-3850.
How Much Is A Trustee Paid For an irrevocable trust, how much should a trustee get paid, per year, to administer that irrevocable trust?
Howard K.'s Expert Answer:     A trustee can be paid whatever the grantor of such a trust provides in the trust agreement, but if the trust agreement is silent on the issue, then generally it is equal to 1% of trust assets.
Can Florida Mandate Nursing Home Care An elder's home has received a failed evaluation. The state of Florida wants to mandate the elder goes to a nursing home. Both the senior and her family agree she should move to a family member's home in another state if the eval shows functional incapacity. I believe the senior to be of sound mind. Can the state of Florida mandate nursing home care? Or, can we move her to a family member's home?
Howard K.'s Expert Answer:     When you say the state is mandating her to go to a nursing home, you may be referring to an agency of the state called Adult Protective Services. That agency can recommend that a person go into a nursing home when she is unable to manage and care for her own home, and has medical needs that need to be addressed. However, if the family wishes to bring her to another state, that may be possible through a guardian proceeding brought in the state of Florida, having a family member appointed to make personal needs decisions, with authority for placement. WIth such authority, the family can ask the court to allow them to bring her to another state, provided a guardiasnhip is transferred to the new state.
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